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About us

Chairman & Co-founder

Armand Thiberge

Eager to provide solutions to energy issues, Armand founded SolarinBlue in 2019. Being a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully founded Dual Technologies and Sendinblue, the latter one being now a reference in the IT sector. Armand is an engineer from École Polytechnique.
CEO & Co-founder

Marc Lanne

Prior to founding SolarinBlue with Armand in 2019, Marc spent most of his career in the French Navy. He worked as the Commander of three different war units in the Indian Ocean and in the Atlantic Ocean before managing the fleet’s training and the Navy Chef d’état-major’s office. From 2013 to 2019, Marc worked as a marine expert in the development of offshore wind energy projects at Ailes Marines (off Saint-Brieuc) and at EOLFI (off Groix and in Taiwan). Marc is a Navy Officer and an engineer from École Navale.

Axel Bondoux

Axel joined Solarinblue in December 2019 after having spent more than 6 years in the tidal energy sector, at Orbital Marine Power (2013-2018) and at Sabella (2018-2019). Committed to protect and preserve the environment, Axel is an engineer from Arts & Métiers ParisTech and has a postgraduate M.Sc. in Renewable Energy Development from Heriot-Watt University.
Co-founder SolarinBlue India

Kapil Sharma

Joining team SolarinBlue with Armand and Marc as a co-founder in 2019, Kapil is a serial entrepreneur, and successfully founded SendinBlue SAS with Mr Armand Thiberge. Worked extensively in the IT sector, while being a director of Silver Line IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Kapil is a computer engineer from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University.

Solar energy is steering away from land

Launched in 2019, SolarinBlue are planning to test a first prototype in 2020 while carrying out preliminary studies for a first industrial farm to be installed in 2021.

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